4 Justice Radio began as a small group of people
just like you - individuals, who had met with adversity
within "the system" and from the people we all
sometimes deal with - bully bosses, crooked cops,
unjust judges, and foul federal government officials.

This team of psychologists; writers; artisans; veterans
and ex-government workers banded together to share
their experiences - revealing to one another the
secrets of what goes on behind the scences - when
the average person becomes a, "targeted individual"  whose life is threatened by paid "public servants" and
many others.

Clearly, something had to be done to help people
understand what was going on and learn to handle
the negative effects these encounters can have on
them and their families.  

They decided to report on these stories from a
different perspective, to:

  • IDENTIFY PEOPLE in positions of authoity who   
       commit crimes to target members of the public,

  • EXPOSE HOW they do it.

And so, 4 Justice Radio was born.

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