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No more hiding behind fancy titles. 4 Justice Radio is exposing the deeds of our elected officials, court officials, business people and others in "positions of authority" who are supposed to serve the public.

Do you have a complaint about anyone listed here?
​If so,request a specific petition and tell your story.

Federal Government
President Barak Obama (Coming Soon!)
Attorney General Eric Holder
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
(EEOC) Chair, Jacqueline Berrien
General Eric Shenseki​  (Coming Soon!)
CIA Agent Don Burke (Coming Soon!)

Local Government (Coming Soon!)
Ed Semonian, Clerk, VA

Aviva Bob, CA
Dolly Gee, CA
Polly Jackson Spencer, FL
Nolan Dawkins, VA
Stephen Mitchell, VA

Law Firms (Coming Soon!)
Whiteford Taylor and Preston, VA
Womble Carlyle Sandbridge and Rice, VA

Attorneys (Coming Soon)
Kevin Kernan, VA

JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon
Park Place Condominium

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