Most of the information we receive from the public describes officials engaging in acts that are not only unethical, but  illegal - yet, few ever face any official consequences for
their actions.  Usually, reports made by the public concerning corruption are ignored and destroyed by those who run the system.  Just think of the Catholic Church and pedophile

Mainstream news media and social justice organizations rarely focus on those who deserve attention and censure: the authorities who commit these abusinve, unjust acts.

4 Justice Radio brings the names, faces and allegations of suspected corrupt officials to light, in a series of profiles
we call the, "Most Wanted".

Most Wanted

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Exposing Corruption, Promoting Justice
  • CORRUPT, adjective....

Definition of corrupt (Entry 2 of 2)

1a : morally degenerate and perverted : DEPRAVED

b : characterized by improper conduct (such as bribery
or the selling of favors) 


3 : adulterated or debased by change from an original or correct condition

From The Merriam-Webster online dictionary: