VA Veteran:  Virginia Bankruptcy Trustee Thomas P. Gorman and JP Morgan Chase Hiding Threat to Veteran's Homes 

by 4 Justice Radio Staff Editors

Has JP Morgan Chase begun to bribe federal employees, to get their way in court?

4 Justice Radio has received a report from a black, female veteran alleging that attorneys Todd Ross and Jeffrey Tarkenton with the law firm Womble Carlyle Sandbridge and Rice, LLP for JP Morgan Chase are conspiring to take not just her home, but the homes of thousands of other vets across the nation.

VA VET Claims: Bankruptcy Trustee Works for JP Morgan Chase

Speaking on the condition anonymity, “VA VET's" story is shocking. “I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy to pay back my debt. JP Morgan Chase—who claims to be my mortgage servicer, filed a proof of claim but, it’s not properly documented. It doesn’t show that they have an interest in my property. It doesn’t even show that they have a right to service my mortgage account.”

What is the connection between attorneys Todd Ross, Jeffery Tarkenton and Virginia bankruptcy trustee Thomas Gorman?

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