JP Morgan Chase and Scam Foreclosures: Is Your Home Safe?
Your bank is threatening to foreclose. Can they really do it? They may be able to, if you don't follow these steps.

That's right, a pending foreclosure might just be a scam. Well, what's the scam? Many banks--even if they claim to own your Note (and the only entity in many cases that can actually foreclose, must own the Note)--may not have POSSESSION of it.

They need POSSESSION of the Note in many states, in order to foreclose on you. Now, here's where the work comes in. YOU have to do the research. Even if you have an attorney DON"T trust him, until you have a reason to (just because you pay him, doesn't mean he works for you--he's beholden to the LEGAL SYSTEM).

So, what do you do when banks like JP Morgan Chase and others, notify you that they're going to foreclose--or, even before it gets to a legal proceeding where you think you might loose your home?

Follow these guidelines and it MAY just save you tons of money in legal fees and keep the roof over your head.

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