Q:  What is 4 Justice Radio?
First, we're a group of advocates that provide tools and services to help you bring attention to a cause, or issue that matters to you.

We're also a repository for information on the people in places of authority who abuse it--like judges and public officials.

If you think a pubic official, a lawyer or a business is doing something corrupt, you can check for complaints on them, here.

Q:  How can 4 Justice Radio help me advocate for my issue?
We get calls all the time wanting us to donate money, be a personal media service for individual causes or concerns--some people even want us to write up their complaints--for them.

Uhh...no. We don't do that.

Let's be clear:  we're here to help, but we can't do the work for you. Here's a list of our free services, to help you educate yourself and focus attention on your issue:

1.  Our BlogTalkRadio show
Illegal foreclosures. Corrupt judges.  Bad business practices. We showcase issues that may be affecting a large number of people across the country.

2. A complaint form to post online
Maybe you've been harmed by a corrupt judge or attorney.

Justice Radio is the ONLY Website, that puts these "authorities" on blast. (We're not afraid, are you?)

We take your complaints. Then, we post them online, for the world to see on our site and across the Internet. You can e-mail us and we will send you a complaint, here.

3. Articles to read
Some of our articles are free and provide you with information that's not available anywhere else--like our coverage of JP Morgan Chase, Veteran's and illegal foreclosures.

4.  Petitions to sign
When the crimes get outrageous we'll create a "Most Wanted Poster" on the person, or people involved.

Then, you can write your own complaint about the person. Get t your friends and family to participate--the more people that create petitions, the better.

Also, if we get enough petitions, we'll launch an Operation Integrity campaign to urge others to get involved.

Q:  What good will complaints and petitions do?
Plenty. Think about it. What if you were a judge, respected in the legal profession--but, you were taking bribes from companies to rule against plaintiffs who come to court. You'd be able to take the money and no one would know--until the plaintiff files a report at  4 Justice Radio.

Then, your secret is out.

Corrupt people have children, relatives, friends, and business associates; they want these people's respect. 

But, no one respects a crook.

At 4 Justice Radio, we're working to get people involved in filling out complaints and petitions, to:

  • build a community where enough people report their complaints and connect-the-dots to expose systemic wrongdoing in the courts, federal and local governments and businesses--and the individuals --who profit from it,

  • flood the Internet with complaints and petitions to shame and hold those responsible for corruption accountable in the court of pubic opinion (and hopefully other courts) for their wrongdoing, and

  • build a "database" of mugshots to show these "officials" that no one is above the TRUE LAW.​

Solutions to hold our "leaders" accountable to "we the people", are as vast as the work and imagination we put into our efforts to make it happen.

Q:  Do you offer any other services for a fee?
Yes we do. Here's the list:

1.  Exclusive articles, reports, cases, case studies, ebooks - some of this content starts at .99 cents up to $9.99.

2.  Investigations - If  you've filed a complaint with 4 Justice Radio and you want  to follow-up with more evidence of your concern, we will write a letter to an individual of your choice, involved with the incident. We'll get feedback and produce a report for you. This service starts at $45.

​3. Classes - We offer videos to explain the "secrets they don't want you to know" to discover and protect your rights. Classes start at $7.99

Q:  Can I be on the 4 Justice Radio show?
We'll see.  If you've filed a complaint with us, your issue focuses on the corrupt acts an official and affects a large number of people, it's possible.

We also prefer guests who are: 

1.  actively involved in resolving their issue in creative ways--maybe you have a Website, or have staged a protest. We want to know about it.

2.  helping others to resolve the issue.

3.  you're ready to talk about the corrupt person's actions, and those acts affects on the community (remember, this isn't YOUR reality t.v. show), and

4.  you agree to help others by getting at least 5 signures on one petition's issue that's posted on our site.

If you fit this criteria we'll consider you for prime time. Submit your story, here.

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