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Black White Supremacists

The 4 Justice Radio Team
January 21, 2018

Several years ago, comediah Dave Chappelle created a
funny skit about Clayton Bigsby, a blind, "Black White Supremacist."

Although hilarious within the confines of comedy, the reality of such characters existence is tragic.

What is a black white supremacist?

We define it as: A black/non-white person who ACTIVELY seeks to

a)  spy on,
b)  harm, and/or
c)  confuse,

non-white people who are seeking to dismantle the system of racism/white supremacy, to provide information to and obtain favors from the white supremacists (fun, glory, profit).

If we take a look at YouTube for example, these people are everywhere.  Who are they?  Neely Fuller Jr. whose work we greatly admire, always says to, "Follow the logic".

So, we must ask ourselves who is:

1.  Offering information to help black people in their daily lives, to counter racism/white supremacy?

2.  Who is actually doing (constructive) work to counter racism?

3.  Who is doing (non-constructive) work to harm black people?

4.  Who is doing (non-constructive) work to confuse black people?

Finally, we must look to ourselves as individuals and ask these questions:

1.  Am I doing the right thing by being constructive in thought, speech and action - to ensure that I am establishing justice (seeing to it, that no one is mistreated and those that need it, get the most constructive help, according to "The Code"?)

2.  Am I being (as Mr. Fuller says) tacky, trashy and terroristic (The 3 T's) to other black/non-white people?

3.  Do I support others who are being tacky, trashy or terroristic to black/non-white people?

4.  Am I willing to withdraw my support from those who are working to harm and confuse black/non-white people?

As we look closely at these questions, is there any wonder that we see the world that we do, reflected back at us? Perhaps it's time to do something different, to be the as Ghandi said, "...the change we want to see in the world."

How?  Not by simply commenting on Youtube videos, or talking endlessly about what "we" ought to do - like supporting black-owned businesses, or opening black schools.

Or, even using our spirituality to seek "the world" in the form of more material goods, romance and other things - rather than using it as a way to establish "heaven", or  even to "destroy the world" a  wold in desperate need of positive change.

Maybe "destroying the world", is simply doing the right thing, where we are? Maybe it's thinking, speaking and acting in a way that's counter to the false values and lies we cling to?

Surely there are people in our neighborhoods that need help.  And not the "safe, from a distance help" that we're use to - like handing out food and blankets at shelters during the holidays. 

Our situations have gotten too dire for that, now.

There is a war going on. The system of white supremacy is cutting off peoples' food benefits and throwing them out of their homes and onto the streets - so the help we once gave to others to make ourselves feel good, while retaining comfortable "privileges" - is obsolete.

The help we give to others now, is going to require some type of sacrifice.

Sure, maybe we don't want to. Sacrifice isn't easy. It can be ugly, nasty and messy.  But, it is evident that we have been selfish and complacent, for far too long.

Many are waiting for someone - from Jesus to Obama to help, to save them. 

Some suggest taking up arms, ready for a physical war to errupt. It's interesting that many of these same people have not even considered doing creative things like writing letters to help protect those in need to report the abuse of their rights by officials.   We have yet to make full use of practical tools - like the Internet and pens (which are mightier than swords) - to expose the deceivers and abusers causing harm to people.

It's hard to believe that a person who wouldn't risk writing a letter or filing a report to expose a judge or police officer, or other official who is engaging in corruption - a process that takes effort, persistence and dedication - would have the guts to engage in physical warfare against an opponent who has him out gunned.

Maybe the solution doesn't involve outside intervention, or violence - but, bravery, spirituality and fortitude.  Maybe, it's as simple as this:  We must extend a hand to help each other in whatever way we can, wherever we are - and in doing so, perhaps we can save ourselves.

For more information click this link to listen to the discussion. "Black White Supremacists" on our YouTube channel.

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