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4 Justice
Operation Integrity:
People Holding Officials Accountable

The time for talk is over. Now's the time for action.
If you feel the same, here's how you can get involved.

1)  Request a copy of the 4 Justice Radio complaint.

2)  Fill out the complaint and make two copies.

3)  Return one copy to 4 Justice Radio via e-mail.

4)  Next, e-mail and fax the other complaint to an
official or organization that has oversight authority
over the person named in your complaint. 

5)  For example, if you have a complaint against
a notary, you might want to contact the National
Notary Association,

6) Join with others with similar complaints to
fax and e-mail them to the relevant authorities.

7) Do this as often as you can and check with the
authority periodically, to determine their progress
on handling the situation.

8) Contact us at 4 Justice Radio so that we can
report your progress to our visitors and listeners
on BlogTalk Radio​

9)  Tell your friends with similar complaints, to
do the same (Steps 1 through 8)!

10)  Help others with their complaints. Here is a
list of our initiatives:
Operation Integrity

1.  Exposing Fraudulent Foreclosing Banks