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Nolan Dawkins, VA

Judge Dawkins you've got quite a reputation in the courtroom. We've heard you've harmed children by taking them from their parents and helped condo boards illegally fine condo owners, while keeping some of the ill-gotten profits for yourself.

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​Courtroom Gangsterism

Judge Dawkins what's this we hear that children were harmed (and killed) when you directed them to suspect custodians? And, that you've heard cases where legally you were bound to recuse yourself? We've also got reports that you and a certain Park Place Condominium Board 2500 N. Van Dorn St, Alexandria, VA along with the law office of Whiteford Taylor and Preston have a sweet-heart deal—they bring in owners on trumped-up “violations” where you refuse to abide by the law. The result? The owners are fined thousands of dollars and you split the take with the condo association and attorneys. I'd hate to be near you when the lightning strikes—and trust us, it will.

Judicial Slavery
Victims of Judge Nolan Dawkins
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