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Chase just takes what it wants--like, your house
JP Morgan Chase and Scam Foreclosure
Your bank is threatening to foreclose. Can they do it? Find out in
this article.

Vets don't need no stinkin' houses--kick 'em out
Bankruptcy Fraud: JP Morgan Chase and Virginia Bankruptcy Trustee Thomas P. Gorman
A Vet uncovers a "New Deal" between JP Morgan Chase and Standing Trustee Thomas P. Gorman (VA) that endangers blacks and Veterans who want to keep their homes during a bankruptcy. It's a sweet deal where everyone gets paid: the trustee, Chase, and the Department
of Veteran's Affairs. The Vets? Not so much.

Obama takes your votes, then ignores you
President Obama Sees Dead (not black) People
The Obama Administration's Assault on Civil Rights (Series) - President Obama's administration including the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) "secretly" ignores
African-Americans' complaints of racism. You got a problem with that?

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Review the profiles on the "Most Wanted" criminals running our governments, courts and businesses.

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Most Read Complaints (NEW!)
Read complaints of corruption in government, the judiciary and business filed by 4 Justice Radio supporters

Judge Polly Jackson Spencer, TX (Corruption)
Judge Polly  Jackson Spencer thinks children
would be better off without their parents.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio, PA (Corruption)
Judge Carolyn Carluccio believes that litigants
who question her authority don't matter much.

Attorney General Kamala Harris, CA (Corruption)
Attorney General Kamala Harris "sees no evil" in the
California pension system.

Officer Mary Floyd, WA (Racial Discrimination)
Officer Mary Floyd thinks black ex-offenders need
to be watched--especially, if they have girlfriends.



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4 Things You Should Know About
Quick lists on the crimes committed by members of our  federal and local govenments, judiciary, attorneys, business people and educators.

Fraudulent Veteran Foreclosures

4 Things:  The TRUTH about the VA Home Loan Program

4 Things:  The Veterans Administration, Vendor Resource Management and Fake Veteran Home Foreclosures

4 Things:  Who Profits from Fake Foreclosures' of Veterans' Homes?

4 Things: Reasons why Veterans should be VERY ANGRY about JP MORGAN CHASE's Foreclosures of Veterans' Homes

4 Things: The Court of Federal Claims and Fake Foreclosures on Veterans' Homes

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