Obama and the Lynching of Civil Rights (Series)
Continuing coverage on the covert end to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the civil rights of black people in the United States.

Listen as our guests detail the illegal actions executed by federal
civil rights agency employees under the Obama Administration to dismiss complaints and deny rights to blacks who file racial discrimination and retaliation complaints involving employers,
police officers, courts and more!

Obama Lynches Civil Rights
Is there an "unwritten policy" in federal civil rights agencies to
ignore civil rights complaints filed by black people?

President Obama Ignores Problems of Racism at the EEOC
The Obama Administration's Assault on Civil Rights (Series) - President Obama's administration including the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) "secretly" ignores African-Americans' complaints of racism.
Read the first in our exclusive reporst on this growing, covert and un-reported policy.

Man on the Street- Mr. Carl Robertson and the EEOC
Join us as we explore the issue first with our "man on the street" interview series with Mr. Carl Robertson, formerly with the Interactive College of Technology in Georgia, to tell his harrowing tale of corruption within the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to dismiss his complaint, plus a whole lot

Carl Robertson Interview - Part 1
Carl Robertson Interview - Part 2

US Department of Agriculture:  Are Blacks, Poor Being Deprived of Civil Rights Act of 1964 Complaints in the SNAP food assistance Program? Get the "inside report" of how local programs like the Alexandria Department of Human and Community Services treats its black clients who dare to report problems of racism and retaliation.

Department of Veterans Affairs:  Are Black Vets
Being Targeted for Eviction by the Selective Services for
Veterans Families (SSVF) Program?
New reports are surfacing about the VA contractor Project Community Connections, Inc. (PCCI) and the VA's refusal to
address complaints that the company is defrauding the VA and retaliating against a black vet--while the federal government
looks on.

Read our stories reporting behind-the-scenes actions of bank officials, judges, attorneys and little-known operatives who
together helped to organize the biggest illegal land grab
since the West was stolen from the indigenous Americans.

JP Morgan Chase and Scam Foreclosure
Your bank is threatening to foreclose. Can they do it? Is the foreclosure illegal?  Read why millions of people have been illegally foreclosed to benefit bank employees; attorneys; judges; and city officials across the country.

Bankruptcy Fraud: JP Morgan Chase and Virginia Bankruptcy Trustee Thomas P. Gorman
A Vet uncovers a "New Deal" between JP Morgan Chase and Standing Trustee Thomas P. Gorman (VA) that endangers blacks and Veterans who want to keep their homes during a bankruptcy. It's a sweet deal where everyone gets paid: the trustee, Chase, and the Department
of Veteran's Affairs. The Vets? Not so much.

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