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What is the "I AM FERGUSON Project?"
It is a 4 Justice Radio viral campaign to expose the failure of federal civil rights agencies under the Obama Administration, to properly investigate civil rights complaints filed by black and other non-white people--particulary when the complaints involve prominent businesses, state and city officials, law enforcement and judges.

Your involvement will help us show that employees within US federal civil rights agencies ROUTINELY INTERFERE with the civil rights complaint process and specifically CAUSE these complaints to be improperly DISMISSED and completely IGNORED.

How can I join the 4 Justice Radio "I AM FERGUSON Project?"
a. Sign the petition, or

b.  Use the form below to submit your information.

If you include the information we need, we will work to complete a slideshow with your information to post on our Website.

We intend to show the WORLD that we stand in solidarity with those black, non-white and other voices in Ferguson, MO who complained of rampant racism and corruption, who were abused and ignored.  We also intend to hold the Obama Administration accountable to correct the problem, to punish the perpetrators and to uphold the law.

What information can I send to the "I AM FERGUSON Project"?
Please provide the following :

1.  4 illegal, or improper actions you feel a federal civil rights agency/employee did to ignore, or dismiss your racial discrimination or retaliation complaint,

2.  Ensure your complaint was filed within the last 8 years, with a federal civil rights agency,

3. Ensure you provide the following details:

a.  Your name
b.  The civil rights agency name
c.  Your case number
d.  The investigator's name
e.  The agency director's name
f.    Photos of the investigator and
     director, if possible, and
       g.  The names and photos of those
    you complained about (e.g., an
     employer, a judge, etc.)

4.  Do I have to be a black person to participate?
NO!  However you must be:

a.  ANY black, or non-white person who has filed a racial discrimination or retaliation complaint and had your complaint improperly dismissed, concerning any of the following:

A.  Your employer
B. a state government, or agency
C. a local government, or agency
D. a law enforcement agency, or officer
E. a  judge, state, or local official

Or, you can participate if you are:

b.  ANY person who has filed a complaint, on behalf of those mentioned above, in 4a concerning those mentioned in 4a (A) - (E).

5. What will a slideshow look like?
Glad you asked.  Take a look at this SAMPLE!

6.   I want to participate.  Can I make my own slideshow to support the "I AM FERGUSON Project"?
YES! We appreciate your support. Also, if you want us to post it on our Website, drag-and-drop it in the form below (in .pdf format). Just a reminder:  we'll ONLY respond to your submission if we select it. 

And, if you decide to post the slideshow on your own site, or social media account, please mention 4 Justice Radio!

7.  I support "I AM FERGUSON", but I don't want to make a slideshow.  What can I do?

There are a number of ways you can help.

  • Tweet "#IAMFERGUSON" with a link to this page,
  • Post links to our #IAMFERGUSON slideshows to your social media accounts, Websites, YouTube--whereever people can see them,

8.  Wait--I'm confused.  Is it "#I AM FERGUSON" or "#IAMFERGUSON"?
BOTH! But here's where you want to ensure you
use the #:

  • #IAM FERGUSON on Twitter!
  • #IAMFERGUSON on the slideshows!

Thank you for your support!
Naming and Shaming Corrupt Officials and Businesses
"Keep running, bro!"
--Michael Brown's last words to his friend
Dorian Johnson before Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot Brown