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4 Things You Should Know About - Coming Soon
Quick facts on the crimes committed by of our federal and local govenments, judiciary, attorneys, business people and more.

Fraudulent Veteran Foreclosures - Coming Soon

4 Things:  The TRUTH about the VA Home Loan Program

4 Things:  The Veterans Administration, Vendor Resource Management and Fake Veteran Home Foreclosures

4 Things:  Who Profits from Fake Foreclosures' of Veterans' Homes?

4 Things: Reasons why Veterans should be VERY ANGRY
about JP MORGAN CHASE's Foreclosures of Veterans'

4 Things: The Court of Federal Claims and Fake
Foreclosures on Veterans' Homes

Federal Government Corruption

4 Ways the Department of Justice

Judicial Corruption

Bankruptcy Fraud: JP Morgan Chase and Virginia Bankruptcy Trustee Thomas P. Gorman
A Vet uncovers a "New Deal" between JP Morgan Chase and Standing Trustee Thomas P. Gorman (VA) that endangers blacks and Veterans who want to keep their homes during a bankruptcy.

Business Corruption

JP Morgan Chase and Scam Foreclosure
Your bank is threatening to foreclose. Can they do it?  Yes, but is it legal?The answer may surprise you.