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3 Reasons You Should Report Corruption
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The 4 Justice Radio Team
January 20, 2018

By now many Americans accept the sobering reality:  the things you once trusted in, can no longer be trusted.  That’s especially true of the news media and government.  Despite movies like “The Post”,  starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, the ghosts of “larger-than-life” journalism are dead.

Americans likes to think that their journalists were heroes that dared to report about corruption within the government.  Even if that was the case – that time is gone. Today's news is tragedy, dipped in comedy.

Now, news anchors are conservative comedians behind desks, looking for laughs and applause.

Celebrity stories fill magazines and the Internet.  Many would rather be entertained, than informed – except, when someone has violated our rights, or cheated us.

Look at all the government Websites promising “help” once you submit your online form. It’s clear that these “online portals” are just a better way for government to collect information about you, rather than to collect proof that will help to identify and hold the perpetrators accountable for the harm they’ve caused you.

News organizations don’t help much, either. 

Sure, they report on local crimes – but, do they provide the details that you, or your community needs to identify those in authority, who systematically use their power against the poor, children, minorities, or elderly in the community?

Then, what do you do?  Who can you call?

Here are three reasons you should file your corruption report with 4 Justice Radio:

1.  We’re Independent

Around 2009, we started as just a few citizens who asked the question, “Hey, why doesn’t someone post complaints online that focus on the people in “authority” who are abusing peoples’ rights?”

And, so that’s what we did.

None of us were members of any particular political, or religious group. We remain independent to this day.

2.  We’re Effective
We haven’t told the stories yet, but we have been attacked and spied on by some pretty well-known companies.  We’ve had our entire set of reports “deleted” by a well-known online publishing company. Most recently, after a long absence, we began to restart our "free" podcast show.  A few days later the company restricted our access. And we’ve had our modest email newsletter disabled by a company that rhymes with “MailSimp”.

Coincidence?  We think not.

The evidence shows that we’ve been attacked for one reason - we are doing what no one else does:  naming and detailing the actions committed by corrupt officials.

3.  We’re Committed to Justice
Author Neely Fuller Jr., has written a book called, “The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept (“The Compensatory Code”) – A Compensatory Counter-Racist Code”.  The book is dedicated to helping victims of racism/white supremacy to establish justice. 

The book is a seminal work and is available on Mr. Fuller's Website (http://www.producejustice.com).

In the book, Mr. Fuller presents the best definition of justice we’ve heard so far.  He defines justice, as ensuring that:

a.  no one is mistreated and
b.  that the person that needs help the most, gets the most constructive help.

At 4 Justice Radio that’s the mission.  We seek to promote justice by providing our supporters the ability to post anonymous reports focusing on corrupt officials and their actions.

This is a unique tool that helps people stay informed about the actions of officials that threaten the lives of innocent people and that violate the law. In today’s corrupt world, it should be clear that the only help that we can get, is the help – the justice – that we ourselves, produce.

Help yourself, someone you know, and your community by clicking this link to post a report on 4 Justice Radio.

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