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3 Reasons Why Blacks Shouldn’t
Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s

The 4 Justice Radio Team
January 19, 2018

Many people and organizations around the country and the world celebrated the recent birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, noted civil rights leader on January 15, 2018 whose life and work was instrumental to the passage of civil rights laws that benefitted blacks and other minorities in the United States.

Dr. King would have been 89 years old.

However, 4 Justice Radio was among those groups that was definitely not celebrating. In fact, the editor for the advocacy group, “The Justice Journalist” was working with fellow anonymous advocates of the Website preparing a class called, “3 Reasons not to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday.”

Why is the group, against celebrating the civil rights icon?

“We feel celebration is premature, because so many people have buried and forgotten Dr. King’s work and the work of all those involved in the civil rights movement,” she said.

She recalls the Debtors’ Prisons that have emerged across the country targeting blacks, like something out of Nazi Germany, or a poorly written sci-fi movie.

“The problems within the Department of Justice on civil rights are horrible.  They're disrespectful to Dr. King and harmful to black people living in the United States; it’s criminal.  So, we began a separate project Website called, ”USA Black Genocide” (http://www.usablackgenocide.com) to inform the world about the issue.”

While the site is a work in progress, it makes a bold claim:  that the United States government has completely eliminated The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VI.

The Justice Journalist says that the Department of Justice along with several states have “covertly” eliminated The Act in practice and that celebrations held across the country and by the incoming Trump Administration are deceptive to those who are uniformed.

“Just go into any state building, city building, courthouse, or police precinct – you won’t see one poster to inform the public about The Act”, she says.
Justice Journalist claims that the information has been kept hidden by the federal government for the last 50 years – especially the Department of Justice – the agency that is responsible to enforce The Act.

She adds, “If you are black and you feel that a state, local employee, a police officer, or even a judge has violated your rights and denied you services due to your race, the federal government prevents you from filing a complaint because they don’t enforce the Act. The offices and programs that the US government gives black peoples’ federal tax dollars to, don’t even have forms on which you can file a report. That’s how much the racist government thinks of black people and Dr. King’s legacy.”

Shaking her head, she says, “Dr. King and those who were part of the civil rights movement were about work.  Today, are blacks reading about our rights? Are we writing civil rights reports to make known the racist officials who are violating our civil rights?  Are we using social media like the actresses in Hollywood did in The Harvey Weinstein Scandal? No. So, what exactly are black people celebrating?

4 Justice Radio plans to release its mini-class,“3 Reasons not to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday”, in late January, 2018.

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